TOTE-A-LUBE Stackable Storage and Handling Systems

TOTE-A-LUBE stackable storage and handling systems are designed to reduce your total fluid expenses, maximize floor space, and provide safe and efficient storage for a vast number of bulk fluids including oils, lubricants, hydraulic fluids, ATF, anti-freeze and DEF. Stackable storage tank system will handle all of your bulk Class IIIB fluids so that you can eliminate the hassles and clutter of packaged goods and drums. Cleaner and more reliable than traditional oil drums, Tote-A-Lube stackable tanks maintain fluid dryness and cleanliness while lowering your overall fluid expenses by enabling bulk oil delivery.

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Tanks can be stacked up to three tanks high and configured with pump packages or gravity feed dispense, SPCC compliant secondary containment, filtration panels, oil dispense bars, drip trays, stands of various heights, pump/reel mounting shelves and brackets, can be bolted to the floor securely, and can be made into mobile fluid storage systems with caster wheels and fork lift able skids.
Design provides a visual fluid inventory, and the patented fill port design allows for easy fill in each stacked tank.
Constructed from virgin polyethylene UL rated food-grade resins and are designed to store and handle all fluids compatible with polyethylene and for combustible fluids with flash points over 200? F.
Gravity feed systems include a 24?H Stand, Drip Tray Assembly and GF Dispense Kit (valves, plastic tubing, sealant, etc).

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