White Recycle Pad 15 x18 – Oil Only – 100 Ctn Bundle

White Oil Only Recycle Pad combines superior strength, high absorbency and excellent drape-ability. Giving you durable, flexible and absorbent clean-up power. Using less product to clean up more, that’s our commitment to the environment. Cheap pads end up costing your company more because you end up using more pads to get the job done. Look no further than our Recycle Pad for your absorption needs.

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Designed for oil-only cleanup use.
Made of Recycled Polypropylene
Superior Strength
Hi-Capacity Absorption -Less Pads Equal More Absorption, Helping Reduce Waste and Disposal Costs
More Surface Area For Increased Absorption Speed
Strong Flexible Pads Conform to the Shape You Need Without Sacrificing Strength
Naturally Flame Retardant Due to Pre and Post-Consumer Polypropylene Content
Absorbs 35 gallons per bundle.
Size: 15 x 18 rectangle pads.
Color: White
100 count per bundle.

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Passenger Car Automotive

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