TROPHY Low Temp “THF” Tractor Hydraulic Fluid – 5 Gallon Pail

TROPHY Low Temp “THF” Tractor Hydraulic Fluid is a multifunctional tractor fluid formulated for use at low ambient temperatures in; transmissions, final drives, differentials, wet brakes, and hydraulic systems of tractors employing a common fluid reservoir. This fluid is manufactured from select base stocks and special additives to provide friction properties carefully designed to control brake chatter and reduce wear and prevent high temperature oxidation and corrosion.

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Provides excellent lubrication to spur and bevel differential and transmission gears, and service as a hydraulic fluid to operate implements and attachments at low start-up temperatures.
Recommended for service refill for transmissions, differentials, final drives, hydraulic systems, power steering units, etc., in tractors operating between -40F and 68F ambient temperatures. For temperatures above 68F TROPHY “UNIVERSAL” Tractor Hydraulic Fluid (UTF) is recommended.
Suitable for use in those tractors which the manufacturer specifies the following products:
John Deere: J20D/B, J21A
Versatile: Hy-Gear Fluid, Specification 24M
Massey Ferguson M1127B Low Temp
Case/IH MS-1210, JIC 145 Hi-Low TCH Fluid

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