TROPHY HD 2000 Grease – 120 Lb Keg

TROPHY HD 2000 is a revolutionary new grease that incorporates the latest breakthrough in high-temperature, water-resistant lubricant technology. Compounded with Overbased Calcium Sulfonate soaps, HD 2000 significantly outperforms other premium products such as lithium and lithium complex, aluminum complex and ordinary calcium and calcium complex soap-thickened greases.

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Lubricates high speed ball bearings operating at high temperatures of 300F+, remains virtually unchanged consistency after being worked for 100,000 strokes, even when mixed with 20% water.
Timken values of 65 pounds OK load, LWI of 65 kg and weld point of 500 kg are typical.
Protects steel parts from corrosion, in severe salt-fog environments, 20 times longer than conventional lithium or aluminum complex greases.
Contains no heavy metals or other environmentally undesirable components.
Recommended for all automotive and fleet universal joints, ball joints, chassis applications, disc and drum wheel bearings, high-speed snowmobile, boat and utility trailer bearings, axles, conveyors, pumps, filters, forging presses, ball mills, fifth wheels, crusher bearings, construction equipment, agricultural equipment, marine equipment, paper mill equipment, steel mills, offshore and off-road equipment, mining, and metal working machinery.
Mixing greases containing different thickeners is poor practice. Excessive softening and leakage may follow. Wheel bearings should be thoroughly cleaned before packing with HD 2000 for the first time.
NLGI 2. Color Amber.

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Heavy Duty, Industrial, Excavating, Mining & Marine, Passenger Car Automotive

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