TROPHY EP/White Lithium 2 Grease – 10/14 Oz Case

TROPHY White Lithium EP Grease is manufactured with a special combination of highest quality, 12-hydroxystearate lithium soaps, solvent refined base oils, and extreme pressure additives that insure grease properties suitable for a wide variety of industrial, agricultural and automotive applications. The EP additives provide greater protection when unusually heavy bearing or gear loading conditions exist.

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Resist softening during high speed operation in rolling contact bearings, yet, have excellent retention of lubricating ability under severe working at elevated temperatures.
Compounded to protect metal parts from rust, oxidation, and corrosion; while providing resistance to water washout.
EP/Anti-wear additives reduce wear rates under moderate as well as severe conditions resulting in longer bearing life even where extreme service in not required.
Suitable for most grease applications and are recommended for many types of industrial bearings, chassis, ball joints, universal joints, and wheel bearings (except disc brake wheel bearings) of automotive and farm equipment.
Excellent service where water contamination may be encountered and where the normal operating temperature range is from -20F to 250F.
Excellent for use in roller contact bearings in blowers, electric motor bearings, pump bearings, etc. Also in rolling and plain sleeve bearings used under unfavorable environmental conditions involving moisture, high loads, and/or high temperatures, such as: jaw crushers, tube mills, trunnion rolls, mining, material processing, cement and aggregate industrials.
NLGI 2. Color White.

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