TROPHY EDO Synthetic Blend Motor Oil SAE 10W-40 – 5 Gallon Pail

TROPHY EDO Synthetic Blend Motor Oils are Certified, meeting the latest API SN,SM,SL / ILSAC GF-5 motor oil specifications. Formulated for use in the latest domestic and imported passenger cars, sport-utility, light-duty trucks, minivans and high-performance, late-model vehicles equipped with normally aspirated, turbocharged and supercharged gasoline engines.

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Formulated with combination of Group II, Group II+ and Synthetic Group III Base Oils to meet both low temperature viscosity, and high temperature volatility requirements, providing extra protection in hot running engines and stop and go driving.
Minimizes engine deposits and wear, and protects against rust, corrosion, foaming, and high-temperature oxidation.
All grades provide higher fuel economy with special friction modifiers.
SAE 5W-30: API SN / ILSAC GF-5 (Also Obsolete SM, SL, GF-4)
SAE 10W-30: API SN / ILSAC GF-5 (Also Obsolete SM, SL, GF-4)
SAE 5W-20: API SN / ILSAC GF-5 / Ford WSS-M2C153-H / Honda
SAE 10W-40: API SL
API / ILSAC License # 3240

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