TROPHY Drip Oil – 55 Gallon

TROPHY Drip Oil is a light viscosity pure mineral oil containing no environmentally harmful additives or chemicals that may contaminate underground water supplies. It has been specifically developed to lubricate the bearings of vertical shaft, driven by deep well turbine pumps.

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Designed to lubricate these critical lower bearings in deep well pumps with vertical shafts that have bearings located at regularly spaced intervals along the length of the shaft.
For pump shaft and bearings that are enclosed by a tube with a deep-feed drip oiler located at the top of the shaft.
Extremely good fluidity at low temperatures insures proper lubrication when temperatures drop, while minimizing viscosity changes at higher temperatures or over wide temperature variations.
Insures a constant flow of oil from the drip oiling mechanism.
Also for use where a very light viscosity pure mineral oil is needed.
Note: Some states, or areas, may require the use of a food grade drip oil. Drip Oil is NOT registered for incidental contact with food, which may be required in these cases. Drip Oil is not intended for use in wells pumping water for human consumption.

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