Shipmate Synthetic Reel Grease and Oil Blister Pack

SHIPMATE Synthetic Reel Grease and Oil can be used in salt or fresh water, is waterproof, non-staining and non-toxic – an absolute must when operating in today’s harsh marine environments.

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Superior performance on steel or plastic components including main gears, worm gears, pinion gears, crank gears, bushings, ball bearings, spool shafts, rotor pins and springs, crank shafts, and oscillating plates.
100% synthetic, fortified with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE / Teflon?*), which molecularly bonds to brass, steel, and plastic reducing friction and drag for the smoothest action.
SHIPMATE Spinning Reel Grease is translucent white, super smooth, non-melting grease, formulated for use in scorching summer temperatures or the coldest arctic conditions – in ice fishing down to -75F and direct heat over 500F.
NSF-USDA H1 registered and KOSHER approved to ensure extra protection against human, animal or environmental damage.
*Teflon? Registered Trademark of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.
Many Other Uses:
Bicycle/Motorcycle: chains, derailleur, suspension forks, hubs, pedals, headset, brakes, crank set, seat post
Recreation: rollerblade and skate-board wheels & bearings
Home & Garden: door hinges, garage door track, hand tools, hinges, keyholes, sewing machine oil points
Sportsman: triggers, action bars, firing pins assembly
Automotive: door hinges, sliding doors, seat tracks
Marine: boats, shackles, locks, blocks, hatches, bearings, snaps, winches, hinges

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