Shellcare Hydraulic (K3) Lubricant Test ? Industrial

Shellcare Hydraulic (K3) ? Industrial. Specialized industrial used lubricant analysis for the detection and trending of lubricant degradation, contamination, and wear. For the delivery of key used lubricant characteristics relating to the equipment compartment and lubricant type for mission critical industrial plant and equipment.

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This report has one page and shows the last 3 analysis results plus graphs on oil properties, wear and contamination. It also includes comments and recommendations from the diagnostician.
Kinematic Viscosity measured to ASTM D 445 reported in mm2/s.
Metals both from additive and wear debris measured by spectral analysis ASTM D 5185 (ICP) and reported in ppm (parts per million).
Flash point (closed cup) measured in ?C to ASTM D 3828.
Moisture content determined by Karl Fischer ASTM D 4982 or by FTIR and reported as % mass. Method dependant upon product type and application.
TAN (total acid number) determined by ASTM D 664 and reported in mg KOH/g. Test conducted dependant upon product type and application.
Particle Quantification (PQ Index) for determination of the total ferrous metal content of the sample.
Particle count (NAS 1638 and ISO 4406) for cleanliness monitoring.
Millipore sludge.

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