SHELL Dex-Cool Extended Life 50/50 Antifreeze – 6/1 Gallon Case

SHELL Dex-Cool Extended Life 50/50 Antifreeze/Coolant, a single-phase, ethylene glycol based, extended life, universal automotive engine coolant base on a unique extended life carboxylate inhibitor. Suitable for five year or 150,000 mile service life in automotive applications. In heavy duty applications not requiring nitrite it is suitable for service life of 400,000 miles or 8,000 hours. Premixed with deionized water.

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Extended life universal automotive gasoline or diesel engine antifreeze/coolant.
Extended life universal heavy-duty diesel antifreeze/coolant for systems not requiring nitrite.
Extended life antifreeze/coolant meeting Japanese silicate free requirements.
Extended life antifreeze/coolant meeting European phosphate free requirements.
Specifications, Approvals & Recommendations:
GM Dex-Cool approval
GM 6277M
GM 1825M
ASTM D-4656
Federal Specification A-A-870
GM 1899M (performance corresponding to GM6038M)
Chrysler MS 9769 (meets performance requirements)
Ford ESE-M97B44-D
Volkswagen/Audi G-12

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