SHELL Air Tool S2 A 32 – 55 Gallon Drum

SHELL Air Tool S2 A 32 has been developed to meet the special lubrication requirements of pneumatic tools, including percussion type pneumatic tools subjected to the most arduous conditions. Designed to maintain high oil film strength and effectively lubricate even the most demanding requirements of pneumatic drill impact mechanisms as well as providing excellent mist lubrication of general purpose air tools.

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Suitable for a wide range of mobile percussive pneumatic tools such as those used in rock drilling, mining and construction (e.g. jack hammers, sinkers and other air operated tools).
Can also be used applications requiring mist lubrication such as air tool installations commonly found in manufacturing.
May be used in certain gear and bearing lubrication systems subject to water ingress.
Previous Name: Shell Torcula 32
Specification, Approvals & Recommendations:
ISO 6743-11 Types PAC and PBC

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