PENNZOIL GT Performance Racing SAE 20W-50 – 12/1 Quart Case

PENNZOIL GT Performance Racing Oil SAE 20W-50 is designed for the lubrication of high-performance competition engines running competition fuels including gasoline, methanol, nitromethane and diesel fuels. It can be used in turbocharged or supercharged as well as naturally aspirated engines.

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Fortified with superior additives and oils which resist breakdown under the high loads, temperatures and speeds experienced by fast revving engines.
Protects cylinder walls, pistons, bearings and valve train components beyond the levels of conventional passenger car oils.
Friction reducing agents assure maximum horsepower.
Minimizes cam lobe wear.
Resists thinning and maintains oil pressure.
Provides excellent piston ring sealing.
Recommended for four-cycle racing engines including dragsters, motorcycles, Indy cars, diesel trucks, etc.
Meets API SJ.
Not recommended for typical passenger car service.
Not recommended for radial piston engines used in racing aircraft or hydroplanes.

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