Arctic Blue Grease – 3/3 Oz

ARCTIC BLUE Snowmobile & Trailer Grease is a revolutionary new grease incorporating the latest breakthrough in high-temperature, water-resistant lubricant technology. This advanced technology gives you properties not obtainable from ordinary calcium complex, aluminum complex, lithium and lithium complex greases.

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Environmentally friendly, containing no heavy metals or other harmful or environmentally undesirable additives, such as sulfur, phosphorous, chlorine, zinc, phenyls, antimony, barium or lead.
Provides superior mechanical stability, high temperature protection (+500F), and load-carrying properties (Timken OK Load 65+ Lbs) essential for high-speed boat, utility and snowmobile trailer bearings.
Exceptional resistance to water and especially, bearing corrosion. ASTM 100,000 stroke tests show no change in consistency even when mixed with 50% water, unlike other premium greases which slump or break down with as little as 2% water.
Will not washout of bearings even under total immersion.

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Arctic Blue



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